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Your work load is increasing day by day. And you are feeling lack of time to give a minimum rest to your brain by a sound sleep. If you manage a little bit time for sleep but you can’t sleep for your tension, anxiety and physical weakness. And this will harm to your health with some vital issues.

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EFFECTS OF INSOMNIA (Sleeplessness):

       Insomnia effects to your health by following ways:

• Weight gain leading to Obesity, heart disease, Diabetes, Stroke and organ failure like kidney and liver.
• Enhance early aging process.
• Develops so many psychiatric problems like depression, anxiety and mood disorders.
• Irritability.
• Unsatisfactory performance to your working place, school or examination.
• Increases the risk of accident while you are on drive.
• Hampers your personal and conjugal life.
• Enhance Substance abuse.

Obesity,Heart attack,Stroke

Obesity,Heart attack,Stroke



 Sound sleep will give you so many health benefits.
• Improves your heart and brain function.
• Improves brain’s working load.
• Improves your mood.
• Reduce aging process.
• Reduce the chance of Heart attack, Stoke and chronic disease.
• Increases your physical ability.
• Increases your sexual activities.
• Decreases affinity to substance abuse.
• Decreases chance of developing psychiatric disorders.

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Sound sleep



calm and quiet bed room

calm and quiet bed room

1. Maintain consistent daily work and study schedule.
2. Reduce your daily tea coffee intake
3. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption.
4. Don’t spend more time with your TV, computer and mobile devices.
5. Keep your bedroom calm, quiet and dark.
6. Keep you bed clean and comfortable.
7. Don’t go to bed just after dinner.
8. Don’t go to bed without your dinner.
9. Don’t take more beverages during your dinner.
10. Don’t quarrel with your conjugal partner.
11. Avoid horror and psycho movie before sleep.
12. Avoid heavy work before sleep.
13. Take your bath regularly.
14. Perform regular physical exercises daily.
15. Spend weekend in a beautiful and natural places.
16. Wear loose dress while you go to bed.
17. Eat more green and leafy vegetables.
18. Avoid sleeping pill.

avoid sleeping pill

avoid sleeping pill

19. Avoid other medications.

                         Give regular rest to your body and mind by sound sleep. It will give so many benefits to your health.


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