A little regular physical exercise

A little regular physical exercise …..

              More and more health benefits.

         Physical exercise

Who don’t want to be healthy and long lived????

Exercise is the way to serve you so many health benefits. Keep it up guys…

  1. Elevates your mood, reduce depression.
  2. Improves brain function and your memory.
  3. Improves coordination of your body.
  4. Increases the strength of your bones.
  5. Increases the strength of you muscles.
  6. Maintains your body movements.
  7. Increases your lifespan.
  8. Increases the strength of your valuable heart.
  9. Increases the strength of your body immune system.
  10. Increases blood supply to your organs and thus increases oxygen supply to the tissues.
  11. Reduces the risk of diabetes.
  12. Reduces the body fat and blood cholesterol.
  13. Reduces the chance of stroke and heart attack.
  14. Reduces the risk of cancers.
  15. Reduces the toxic products produced in the body.
  16. Reduces the chance of early aging.
  17. Reduces chronic pain of your body.
  18. Reduces your stress.
  19. Reduces high blood pressure and keep it in normal limit.
  20. Reduces the chance of insomnia (Sleeplessness).
  21. Makes your body fit, strong, attractive and evergreen.


….So exercise to have fun…and be healthy…

…. not just to lose weight…



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