Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the primary protection of our body for internal vital organs. Skin also provides the first look of beauty of a person. Everyone wants to keep his/her skin healthy and beautiful. You will not get a single person who doesn’t face a skin problem throughout his/her whole life. Particularly women are more conscious about their skin and regularly consult with dermatologist or beautician for better and healthy skin. In this article you will know how to get healthy skin.

Smooth skin

Healthy skin

     How to get healthy skin:

You are the first doctor or nurse that take care of your skin by yourself. Just follow some simple tips to get a healthy skin.

  • Ensure your sound and adequate sleep.
  • Stop smoking now.
  • Don’t take alcohol.
  • Avoid Ultra Violet Rays of sunlight , Don’t expose to sunlight during pick time.
  • Use sunscreen protection both UVA and UVB while on weekend.


  • Avoid tight fitting dress and wear loose and cotton dress.
  • Take regular bath by using soap or body wash to clean dust and germs of your skin.

Shower in bath tub

  • If your skin is dry use moisturizer cream or lotion.
  • Wash out make up before sleep.
  • Use cosmetics with vitamin E.
  • Wash your face as much as you can.
  • Use water based products for your skin.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidant.
Green leafy vegetables and fruits

Green leafy vegetables and fruits

  • Avoid fatty food.
  • Perform little regular exercise.
  • Perform facial exercise daily.
  • Use smooth and skin friendly hair remover.
  • Avoid stress and strain as much as you can.
  • Maintain normal conjugal life.


Maintain these simple rules…you will find your skin more healthier and smooth.

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