Death –Make it natural

deathWorld leading cause of death is the Cancer, IHD and Stroke. But most of the people suffer from these is due to lack of knowledge about these diseases. WHO (World Health Organization ) tries to make consciousness throughout the whole world about this particular type of diseases. Not only laymen but also all medical personals should gather knowledge about these to avoid sudden unwanted death which is burden for a society, family and Nation.

Now a days the most common word regarding health problem established in almost every community  is “Cancer”. It is really impossible to find out a person who doesn’t hear this word. Unfortunately We r not recognized with a hopeful method of treatment that ensure us about the total cure of Cancer. The advance medical technology gives us the blessing of early diagnosis of cancer. But we are deprived from the  total cure of the Cancer. Day by day we just expand the life expectancy of a cancer patient. But ultimate result is death with sufferings both physical and mental.

So summery is that prevention is better than cure. And for Cancer prevention first of all we need to know about it’s cause,course,fate,screening and diagnosis method  and treatment and the name of specialized center for particular cancer. In our next article we will discuss in details about the threat of cancer.

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