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Second trimester of pregnancy:

  After facing so many physical discomforts you are now in second trimester of your pregnancy (13-28 weeks). Nausea, vomiting, frequency of urination usually subside. You will notice some new features that may appear during 2nd trimester.

1. You can feel the active fetal movement of your upcoming child. This is known as “Quickening” (Feeling of life- Perception of active fetal movements by mother). In case first pregnancy it appears at 18th week, But in subsequent pregnancy it appears in 16-18th week.

2. Your lower abdomen is growing progressively as your baby is growing.

3. Pigmentation over the forehead and cheek may appear at about 24th week which is known as “Chloasma”.

4. Your breasts are continuing to changes –

  • Enlarge more with prominent veins under the skin.
  • A halo of pigmentation around your primary areola in breast appears from 20th week which is known as ‘Secondary areola’.
  • Montgomery tubercles are prominent.
  • You may also notice some white or pink lines in your breasts which are known as ‘Striae’.
Breast changes during pregnancy

Breast changes during pregnancy

5. Abdominal changes during second trimester :

    • A liner pigmentation in middle lower abdomen appears from symphysis pubis to umbilicus. This is known as ‘ Linea nigra ‘.
Linea Nigra

Linea Nigra

    • Midline abdominal swelling is visible after 20th week.
    • Some others striae may also appear in your lower abdomen.

When a doctor palpates your abdomen he/she will find following finding:

      • The uterus feels soft and elastic.
      • Intermittent painless contractions can be felt by the palm of hand on abdomen at irregular intervals of 10-20 minutes from 16th week which is known as ‘Braxton Hicks Sign’.
      • Fetal parts can be felt distinctly by 20th week. Your doctor can also hear fetal heart sound by his/her stethoscope at 20th week. Its rate is 140-160 beats/minute.

It is heard just like ticking of a watch under a pillow.

Your vagina shows more bluish discoloration at 2nd trimesters.

Third trimester of pregnancy:


Third trimester of pregnancy

Third trimester of pregnancy


29-40 weeks, you reach the third trimester of pregnancy. After completion of 3rd trimester you will get the experience of being a mom.

1. Your abdomen is enlarged progressively and it will cause some mechanical discomforts to you like palpitation, respiratory distress following exertion, constipation.

Baby development in womb

Baby development in womb

2. Frequency of urination reappears.

3. Fetal movements are more than previous.

4. At about 38th week sense of relief of pressure symptoms may be obtained as the fetal head get engaged in lower abdomen for delivery.

6. Your cutaneous changes become more prominent with increased pigmentation and striae.

7. Your doctor finds uterine shape is changed from cylindrical to spherical beyond 36th week.

8. Braxton Hicks contraction are more evident and can be felt by you … you have to count the fetal movements of your baby. It is called ‘kick count’. More than 10 kicks a day is normal.

9. Palpation of fetal parts and their identification become much easier.

10. Your doctor can also hear the fetal heart sound by his/her stethoscope.

What to do when you are pregnant :

      • When you notice a missed period, you may guess that you are pregnant if you do not have other issue to miss a means. The easiest way to confirm your pregnancy is a home based pregnancy kit test by your morning sampled urine. So perform it.
Urine Pregnancy test

Urine Pregnancy test


      • As soon as you confirm that you are pregnant appoint an Obstetrician for your antenatal check up and advice.
      • Ensure your blood, urine and ultrasonographic tests to re confirm your normal and healthy pregnancy.
Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy Ultrasound


      • Avoid heavy work and exercise in first and last trimesters
      • Avoid intercourse in first and last trimester if you had history of previous miscarriage.
      • Maintain sincerely antenatal check up schedule given by your doctor.
      • Wear light and comfortable dress.
        Pregnancy dress

        Pregnancy dress

      • Avoid high heel and slippery shoes.
      • Pass your days without worries and make it joyful with TV shows, music and books.
Food, book, music, during pregnancy

Food, book, music, during pregnancy

      • Live with nutritious and delicious foods. Remember that you are not alone yet… What you will eat give benefits to your baby in you.
      • Don’t become angry and panic regarding any matter.
      • Maintain personal hygiene – Take care of your teeth, vagina and skin.
      • Eat more vegetables and fruits regularly.
      • Don’t take bed rest all the time, slight walking will refresh your mind.
      • Any physical discomforts or problems noticed by you should be informed as early as possible to your physician.
      • Go for a walk in garden or beach.
      • Maintain your medications like vitamin and mineral supplements, anti emetics prescribed by your physician. If you forget to take it on time tell your partner to memorize or keep the schedule papers in front of your dressing table, mirror or bed.
      • Milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, red meats, fishes should be kept in your daily diet chart. You have to eat more and more.
Pregnancy diet

Pregnancy diet

      • Eat fibers regularly to avoid constipation.
      • You may experience so many emotional excitements during this time…just adapt with that.

What should be done by your hubby or conjugal partner:

It is the time to be a ‘DAD’. You are the first helping hand of your honey. So you have so many responsibilities to her for a healthy and beautiful kid.

      • Always try to keep her in a peaceful environment.
      • Avoid quarrel.
      • Don’t become angry with him.
      • Ensure good and nutritious food for her.
      • Keep her away from stress and tension.
      • Go for a weekend with her in a beautiful place preferably the place she loves more.
Weekend during pregnancy

Weekend during pregnancy

      • Share your feelings with her and show joy and excitements with her feelings.
      • Give her more time than previous.
      • Always show cooperative mentality to her. She is going to give birth to your part.
      • Don’t share any official or outside problems with her.
      • Try to give priority to her opinions and thoughts.
      • Keep her always in peace and calm.
      • Encourage her to take more and more food.
      • Celebrate the new feelings with her. Give her gifts, flowers, new dress and ornaments.

Your complete cooperation will ensure the healthy and safe pregnancy to your partner or wife. It’s a 40 weeks journey, have patience and cooperation. Something extraordinary gift is waiting for you.



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