Daily Health Tips


Blood pressure

Blood pressure: Blood is a liquid connective tissue that confined to a closed system of vessels within our body and perform the most vital work for our body. Blood is involved in oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in other body tissues as well as supplying nutrients, minerals and vitamins to the tissue and excreting tissue waste products from the body. ... Read More »


Smooth skin

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the primary protection of our body for internal vital organs. Skin also provides the first look of beauty of a person. Everyone wants to keep his/her skin healthy and beautiful. You will not get a single person who doesn’t face a skin problem throughout his/her whole life. Particularly women are ... Read More »


Insomnic lady

Your work load is increasing day by day. And you are feeling lack of time to give a minimum rest to your brain by a sound sleep. If you manage a little bit time for sleep but you can’t sleep for your tension, anxiety and physical weakness. And this will harm to your health with some vital issues.   EFFECTS ... Read More »



We all love to swim. When we go for a weekend, we love to spend the maximum time in swimming pool. Swimming amazingly gives us so many health benefits. Ensures free movement of all joints and thus improves flexibility. Reduces body weight and extra fat. Improves our mood and decreases stress and anxiety. Increases the strength of heart by maintaining ... Read More »

Want to be happy?

Want to be happy??? Just follow it …   Don’t frown more, just smile more. Don’t think more, just feel more. Don’t talk more, just listen more. Don’t judge more, just accept more. Don’t watch more, just do more. Don’t jealous more, just be inspired more. Don’t complain more, just appreciate more. Don’t fear more, just love more. Don’t criticize ... Read More »

Constipation: A common problem disturbing daily life

   Everyone more or less has the experience of constipation through out his whole life. This bowel discomfort also leads to some other problems like hemorrhoids, anal fissures and even anal cancer.   Say good bye to constipation, Make easier your defecation, and keep away from anal diseases… — Just remember the word ‘FEW’. F – Fiber, Eat more fiber ... Read More »

A little regular physical exercise

Physical exercise

A little regular physical exercise …..               More and more health benefits.          Who don’t want to be healthy and long lived???? Exercise is the way to serve you so many health benefits. Keep it up guys… Elevates your mood, reduce depression. Improves brain function and your memory. Improves coordination of your body. Increases the strength of your bones. Increases ... Read More »